Formed in 1982 Members: 1982 - Gary Marshall (Gary Marshall) Michael Clare (Mick Clare) Michael Matthews (Mick Matthews) Michael Merritt (Mick Merritt) Dave Clifton (Dave Clifton) Kevin Clements (Kev Clements) Nigel Clements (Nigel Clements) 1994 - Line-up: Mick Clare (Mick Clare) Clemmy (Nigel Clements) Richard Allen (Bosky)(Richard Allen) Marc Carew. (Mark Carew) 2003 - Line-up change, Mick (Mick Clare) be replaced by Stuart Brown (Stuart Brown) on guitar and Marc (Mark Carew) taking over on lead vocals. Current members: Mark Carew - Vocals, Bass. Richard Allen - Vocals, Keyboards. Stuart Brown - Guitar, Backing vocals. Nigel Clements - Drums, Backing vocals.