hello ska, reggae, dub, & dancehall fans!

Hello All,

First I want to say, thank you for coming and checking out the website!

Second I just wanted to add a post to the page to let all of you visitors know a little more about the site, podcast, and what’s happening behind the scenes with It Started In Jamaica.

As for the site, it is hobby project that I hope to build into something bigger, and is a never ending work in progress. This music is a love and passion within my life, however it isn’t the only love in my life, and so not all my time is spent on the site. Also, I am building a few scripts in the background to help me with the setup and growth of the website. I will soon be adding a few new pages with lots of information on them, and in the mean time will be making a few posts here and there about the music.

On to the podcast, I currently can only post 1 episode a month, due to the restrictions of the site I host on. Since this is all just a hobby for me right now, it’s not something at the moment that I can throw a lot of time and money at. Again, I hope all of this grows bigger, and the bigger everything becomes and the more listeners the podcast has, the more I will put into it. As for now, there are a few episodes out there, if you haven’t listened yet, give them a shot. I have more episodes in the works, so stay tuned for those, coming soon.

There is a facebook page and twitter account running for It Started In Jamaica now, and I will also be posting to those. Again, the more I hear from people, or see visits and listener counts go up, the higher my desire will be to put more into it all. If you like the beginnings of the site and/or the first episodes of the podcast tell your friends and help me build a bigger following here.