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Podcast Episode #2
The Life & Ska Of Chris

Episode #2 is up and streaming. I take you on a small journey through my introduction to all of the amazing Jamaican genres.

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# Artist Song Style
1 Scrapy Ska Ska Ska Ska Punk
2 Reel Big Fish S.R Thirdwave Ska, Ska Rock
3 Save Ferris Come On Eileen Thirdwave Ska, Ska Rock
4 Mad Caddies Riding For A Fall Thirdwave, Reggae
5 Spring Heeled Jack (USA) Addicted Thirdwave Ska
6 The Skatalites Ball of Fire Traditional Ska
7 The Clash Bankrobber Two Tone Ska, Ska Punk
8 The Specials Simmer Down Two Tone Ska
9 Desmond Dekker Isrealites Traditional Ska
10 Sublime Badfish Reggae Revival
11 The Skints featuring Tippa Irie & Horseman This Town Reggae, Dancehall
12 The Expanders Top Shelf Reggae
13 Movement Habit Reggae Revival
14 Catch 22 9mm And A 3 piece suit Ska Punk, Thirdwave
15 Streetlight Manifesto Point/CounterPoint Ska Punk, Thirdwave
16 Rx Bandits Status Ska Punk, Thirdwave
17 Bedouin Soundclash Walls Fall Down Reggae
Eastern Standard Time Sei Pazzo Traditional Ska, Jazz
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