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Welcome To Jamaican Sounds

Welcome To Jamaican Sounds

Hello and Welcome to JamaicanSounds.com

My name is Chris and I am the creator and founder of the JamaicanSounds project. This all started with a deep love of 90’s ska music and a passion for web design. After running a ska-centric website and online radio station for over 10 years and branching out my musical tastes to traditional and 2-tone ska, my ears began to crave even more. My love for ska was still there but I discovered a new sound that peaked my fancy, a slower sound in the form of Reggae. The branches on my musical tree continued to grow as I truly began to dive in to the sounds that all formed from 50’s and 60’s Jamaica, and that is what this whole project is about. Starting off with this website and the podcast (originally called It Started In Jamaica), I am hoping to grow a community and a collection of all things Jamaican music. Whether you like the 50’s sounds of mento, the 70’s sounds of 2-tone ska, the 2010’s sounds of modern dancehall, or anything in between, you can find it here.

On the website, you can expect to find information on those sounds, the artists that play them, the albums and songs that contain them, the concerts where you hear them live, the producers that polish them, the labels that release them, and so much more.

On the podcast, you can expect to hear all those different musical sounds, as well as the many other sounds they influenced. You’ll also hear me talk about the music and the artists, and hopefully at some point, talk to the artists.

There are big plans for both the website and podcast, so please keep checking back for new and awesome stuff! You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook and the podcast on Itunes and Google Play.

I am here to spread my love of Jamaican music, and help you discover and grow yours!